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American Idol Finale – Who Wins The Title? May 21, 2007

Posted by Carlo in Commentary.

It’s finally down to the final 2 contestants and the finale only days away. So, the only question left is who will be the next American Idol?

First, I have to say that I finally got the shocker elimination I had been waiting for – Melinda finally got eliminated last week! What was even better was that it happened the week after Lakisha went. I couldn’t ask for anything better – the two I disliked the most are both gone! More importantly though, Melinda’s exit meant that Blake, the only person left I’d really like to see win, would be in the final 2.

We now know the final 2 this year are Blake Lewis and Jordan Sparks. This marks the fourth time that the final 2 has been one male and one female. Given that fact and looking at how the previous finales with this type of final 2 turned out, I would say Blake surely has to win. The first time the final 2 was one male and one female was in the very first season – Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini – and the female won. In season four, Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice were the final 2 and once again the female won. Last season, we had one male and one female in the final 2 again – Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks – and unfortunately the male won. With two female wins and one male win in this type of finale, it makes me think the male will win again this time.

As much as I’d love to see Blake win, you can’t count Jordin out at all. She’s obviously got just as much chance of winning as he does. I’m sure the judges want her to win now that Melinda is gone.  I wouldn’t be completely dissapointed if Jordin does win however, I’d still prefer Blake to win.

So, who do you think will win – Blake or Jordin?


Survivor Fiji Finale – Who Gets The Million? May 13, 2007

Posted by Carlo in Commentary.

Tonight is the finale of Survivor: Fiji and only 5 castaways remain standing – Boo, Yau-Man, Earl, Cassandra and Dreamz. So, the question now is who will win the million dollars?

It’s no secret that Boo is a marked man and has been for the past few episodes. He’s been lucky enough to save himself by winning back-to-back immunity challenges but I don’t think his winning streak will continue tonight. Even though I’d love to see Boo win, I have a feeling he will be the first boot of the night.

If Boo does get voted out first in the finale, then who wins the final 5 immunity challenge? I highly doubt Cassandra will win it since she is obviously the weakest of the remaining players. Dreamz could get lucky and fluke it but I don’t see that happening either. That leaves Earl and Yau-Man. Yau-Man has one immunity win under his belt while Earl has none. I think one of two things could happen – either Yau-Man wins immunity and Earl plays his hidden immunity idol at tribal council since it will be his last opportunity to do so or Earl wins immunity and either gives the necklace or the idol to Yau-Man thereby guaranteeing both of them a spot in the final 4.

If the final four turns out to be Earl, Yau-Man, Cassandra and Dreamz, it would certainly make things interesting in the final immunity challenge. If Dreamz wins that immunity he would have to give it up to Yau-Man if he wants to stay true to his word. Regardless of what Dreamz might do, I think his only chance of getting to the final 3 would be if he does win the immunity challenge but doesn’t honour the deal he and Yau-Man made.

I’m thinking Yau-Man will probably win the final immunity challenge making his deal with Dreamz essentially useless. At the final 4 tribal council, I think Earl and Yau-Man will vote for Dreamz while Dreamz and Cassandra will vote for Earl. Some type of tie-breaker would then take place which Earl will win sending Dreamz to the jury.

This would leave Earl, Yau-Man and Cassandra as the final 3. That final 3 is basically a replica of last season’s final 3 (Yul, Becky and Ozzy) – two people who’ve played the game really well and one who has no chance of winning. With this final 3, it would clearly be a toss-up between Earl and Yau-Man much like Yul and Ozzy last season.

Given this final 3, the jury members would be Rocky, Lisi, Michelle, Edgardo, Mookie, Alex, Stacy, Boo and Dreamz. Michelle would probably vote for Earl since she and him were working together until she got voted out. Dreamz would probably vote for Yau-Man since he gave him the car. Stacy would probably vote for Earl since Yau-Man played his idol and sealed her fate. I think Alex would also vote for Yau-Man. Mookie would probably throw a vote to Earl. Lisi would probably do something stupid and vote for Cassandra. I can see Rocky, Edgardo and Boo going either way but the jury questions will probably sway them to vote for Yau-Man.

Therefore, it appears Yau-Man will be the next Survivor winner.

My Predictions:

Final 5 IC – Earl or Yau-Man
Final 5 Boot – Boo
Final 4 IC – Yau-Man
Final 4 Boot – Dreamz
Winner – Yau-Man

Jury Votes:

Rocky – Yau-Man
Lisi – Cassandra
Michelle – Earl
Edgardo – Yau-Man
Mookie – Earl
Alex – Yau-Man
Stacy – Earl
Boo – Yau-Man
Dreamz – Yau-Man

Reality TV Flashback: Big Brother 3 May 2, 2007

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I have just started watching Big Brother 3 on DVD. I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes so far but I must admit that I am really enjoying it already! I didn’t watch this season of Big Brother when it originally aired so this is pretty much like a new season for me.

The cast is definitely an interesting bunch. I think my favourite so far is Lori. She seems to be pretty genuine and easy to get along with. I also like Amy aka Southern Belle. I’m really trying to like Chiara but for some reason I get a bitchy vibe from her. Danielle hasn’t bothered me too much yet but I’m sure she will eventually since I did not like her in the All-Stars season. I dislike Lisa the most of the females so far. She’s got a very cocky attitude about her similar to that of Richard Hatch from Survivor: Borneo whom I also disliked. I haven’t formed much of an opinion on Tonya yet but I’m sure I will sooner or later.

The majority of the guys I am pretty neutral on them at this point. I already don’t like Marcellas but that was no surprise since I didn’t like him either in the All-Stars season. Jason doesn’t bother me but the fact that he’s bringing religion into the game is a little off-setting. Josh is certainly an odd character. At times he is confident that he’s got things under control and then there’s times when is completely paranoid like the time leading up to the first nomination ceremony. I’m thinking his paranoia may just be what gets him evicted.

The challenges so far haven’t been anything too extensive. The luxury challenge for the hot tub where the houseguests had to swap swim suits in a tub of green slime was pretty fun to watch. The food challenge was very simple but the added twist at the end was interesting where the last two houseguests to get out of their nest would win money which will increase for every week that pair remains in the house. I was a little disappointed with the HOH challenge though. The HOH challenge should always be a competition where the winner has to earn the HOH title instead of getting by a majority vote.

Overall, I have to say that it already looks like this is going to be a really fun season to watch. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some more episodes! 

Sadly, They’re Gone April 30, 2007

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Yesterday’s episode of The Amazing Race: All-Stars was a very disappointing one for me. Danny & Oswald, one of my favourite teams this season and the team I was hoping to see win the race, were eliminated. What made it worse was that they got to the pit stop in last place so even though they were marked for elimination, the time penalty never even came into play.

I was really hoping Eric & Danielle would have been eliminated to set up a Danny & Oswald, Dustin & Kandice and Charla & Mirna finale. That would have been my ideal final 3. With Danny & Oswald now out of the race, I’ll be happy to see either Dustin & Kandice or Charla & Mirna win the race. Obviously, the worst case scenario for me would be if Eric & Danielle end up winning. I cannot stand either of them – Eric is very immature and Danielle is just plain whiny.

I think we will see the first all female team win this Sunday. The only question is, which one will it be? Dustin & Kandice would be the obvious choice given how strong they have been in the last few legs but you can’t ever count out Charla & Mirna though. As we’ve seen in previous legs, Charla & Mirna have a knack for securing seats on the good flights and that could very well be something that will secure a win for them. The final leg usually has several flights involved in it. Also, Eric & Danielle tend to have bad luck when it comes to the flights which could be their undoing in the finale.

Regardless of how the finale turns out, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this season of The Amazing Race. I had my doubts about it when I first heard that there would be an All-Star season but luckily it has turned out to be arguably one of the best seasons this show has ever had.

She Did It! April 6, 2007

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This week’s American Idol results show was very pivotal for me. If you recall, in my previous post here about American Idol, I had said that I was hoping Haley Scarnato would at least make it to the Top 8. This week, she would either make it there or she’d fall just short of it. Thankfully, despite being in the bottom two again, she did make it!

Haley has been in the bottom two twice already but luckily she has managed to not be eliminated. I’m very happy she is still in the competition but I know her chances of actually winning are very slim. I’m actually hoping for a shocker elimination, like Tamyra Gray from season one or Chris Daughtry from last season, that sends either Lakisha Jones or Melinda Doolittle home. I still cannot stand either of them.

Unfrotunately, it still looks like either Lakisha or Melinda will win the competition although Jordin Sparks has been doing very well so she could take it too. Blake Lewis is also still going strong as the front-runner from the guys. Blake should easily make it to the Top 4 unless there is a shocker elimination and he is the victim of it.

Of course, we still have Sanjaya  Malakar lurking around for some bizarre reason. I don’t understand why he is still there. I did not like Gina Glocksen but there is no way she should have been eliminated before Sanjaya. Same thing with Stephanie Edwards and even Chris Sligh to a lesser degree. I shudder to think what would happen if the unthinkable happens and Sanjaya wins. I don’t see that happening but then again, I didn’t see Sanjaya getting this far either. The crazy thing is that he’s only been in the bottom three once!

Anyway, now that Haley has made the Top 8, I’ll be happy with however much further she ends up going. I’d still love to see her win but she has at least reached the point that I hoped she would. So, anything above that is just icing on the cake!